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Equine Infectious Anemia Testing

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Coggins Testing Requirements


To facilitate your Coggins Testing in our lab, we would like to remind you of the major highlights of the USDA APHIS guidelines effective April 15, 2020. For more details, see the VS Guidance document.


Forms: Each form must have the signature and national accreditation number of a Category II accredited veterinarian. No results will be released without a properly completed form. OADDL accepts submissions on USDA approved paper VS 10-11 forms, Global Vet Link, and VSPS.

            Paper submissions: Only the most current versions - VS 10-11 (Feb 2018) or (Dec 2020) - are acceptable. The form must be filled out completely with no boxes left blank. If there is no information to provide, the box must indicate this with a slash, “none”, N/A, etc.

            Electronic submissions: Pictures must have at least three views (front, left side, right side) with all parts of the animal visible and in adequate lighting and focus.


Samples:  No samples older than 30 days from the blood draw date will be processed. Samples must arrive in reasonable condition and be free of excessive hemolysis. 


Test turn-around time: To receive results the same day, the sample with correct paperwork must arrive at OADDL no later than noon.


AGID testing is available by special request.


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